Diamond & Silk Part Deux

  • Diamond & Silk lied under oath. They claimed that the Trump campaign never paid them but FEC reports say otherwise. When called out they claimed that the FEC was fake news. Fun side note: the other campaign that paid them in 2016? Paul Nehlen. They cut an ad for him.
  • Diamond & Silk don’t know how Facebook works. That was painfully obvious. They seemed to think Facebook was supposed to notify every fan whenever they posted new content on their page. This surprised me since social media influencers live and die by metrics, and in my experience usually, know a lot about the ins and outs of platforms they put content on. Diamond and Silk also claimed that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, two figures with massive social media followings, were being censored as well.
  • Diamond & Silk seem to believe that Facebook is a public utility because Facebook is a publicly traded company. Not one free-market Republican on the committee bothered to correct this.
  • Speaking of Republicans on the committee, they don’t seem to know who Diamond & Silk actually are. Rep. Gohmert referred to them as “Gold & Silk.” Rep. Chabot called them “Diamond & Spice.”
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Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

Politics + technology. Author of Ctrl Alt Right Delete newsletter. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/c74Vva. Coffee drinker. Kentucky basketball fan.